FAQs for Individuals Taking the Training

Congratulations on following your employer’s instructions and coming to this New York State-compliant sexual harassment prevention training. You’ve taken an important step to become educated about this critical topic and to comply with New York laws.

These FAQs are designed to answer some common questions about taking this online training course.

I received the email invitation to take the course. What now?

You will see an enrollment key in the email. Use the enrollment key – your unique code – to get into the training course. You can start taking the training at any time.

What if I don’t have time to watch the course in one sitting?

No problem! You can start or stop the course at your convenience, if you need to take a break or take a call. Just stop the webinar; don’t leave it running in the background. When you log back in, the site will take you to where you left off.

How closely do I have to pay attention? Can I watch a football game or movie at the same time?

We recommend you find a quiet location, where you can concentrate, in order to view the training. You will hear some unique codes throughout the course. You need to pay attention and write down each of the codes. You’ll be asked for the codes at the end, and you need to have them available in order to pass the course. 

Is there a test?

Yes, there are quiz questions throughout the training. That’s another reason to pay close attention.

Do I have to answer every question correctly?

We think, if you pay attention, you’ll have no trouble answering all of them correctly. However, there’s leeway in the scoring, and a perfect 100% score is not required.

What if something goes wrong and I get locked out of the webinar?

Let your human resources person know right away. They can temporarily remove you and then re-add you back into the system. This will generate a new invitation email to you which will give you access the training.

What if I fail the training?

There’s an option for you if this happens. You’ll be allowed to re-take the course and try again.  Make sure to find a quiet space, where you can concentrate on the training, to have the best shot at passing the course on the first try.

Will my employer know how I did on the quizzes and on the course as a whole?

Yes, your employer will know this information and be monitoring to ensure you successfully complete the training. They’re required to do this under the law.