FAQs About Live Trainings

The Coppola Firm routinely provides live trainings across New York State and nationally on various topics. For more information, see below.

Why should I choose a law firm for a training?

Having a licensed attorney as your trainer gives your workforce real-life examples from folks who’ve been in the trenches – in the courtrooms with judges who decide these cases and before agency staff who investigation and prosecute them. There’s no substitute for practical experience when you want your staff to be engaged.

Why would my workplace benefit from a live training?

Often, employees have questions and comments about what they’re learning. Their questions – and the answers a licensed attorney-trainer gives – helps to inform the entire workforce. We find that once employees feel comfortable commenting during a training, the dynamic shifts and they’re not only learning, but they end up helping to support each other as well.

What topics do you offer for live trainings?

In addition to Sexual Harassment Prevention, we offer Workplace Sensitivity Training, Demystifying Contract Law, Protecting Intellectual Property, Small Business Must-Haves, Insurance Basics, Risk Management, Workplace Discrimination, HR Basics and many other topics.

Where do you offer live training?

The Coppola Firm’s attorneys travel across New York State and, when asked, present nationwide as well. For New York-related content, we offer live trainings from Niagara Falls to Montauk.

What does a live training for my workforce cost?

In-person trainings can be more economical than you may think. Particularly when an organization has a group meeting or other event where employees are expected gather, scheduling a live training often is highly efficient and economical. Contact us for a quote that reflects your specific needs.